Residential Security Teams. Prevention is always better than cure: by assessing the risks before they happen, our Residential Security teams make sure you and your family stay safe at home or abroad.


The personal right to acquire property, gives to that property, when acquired, a right to protection, as a social right.

James Madison

Our approach

If there is one place where you and your family should always feel safe, it’s your own home and if that sense of basic safety is violated, there’s more at stake than just physical damage and financial loss.

That’s why we encourage our clients to take preventive action rather than waiting unti it’s too late. We start with a full external security review to highlight and prioritise potential risks and our recommendations will include the right mix of technology and physical on site presence to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our highly trained teams will quickly get to know what constitutes the normal patterns of activity for your property and respond to anything unexpected, from checking the credentials of a courier or tradesman through to discreetly monitoring public access routes across your land. And because our teams are an extension of your home, you’ll find our employees are impecably presented, polite and approachable.

Regular external and/or internal patrols are backed up by Electronic Tagging Technology for your confidence and their security and are always just a call away if you are concerned about anything, no matter what time of day.

Our services:

  • Regular property checks and patrols
  • Visitor searches
  • Booking in and out service
  • Full concierge service
  • Static, mobile or rapid response teams
  • Security dogs and handlers*

*Our dog handlers are SIA licensed, fully insured and vetted to BS7858 standards


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