Close Protection.


If a car makes the same turn I do twice in a row, no doubt in my mind: I’m being followed… Anon.

Our approach

When one of our clients decides they need our Close Protection services, not only are they ensuring they benefit from the “inner circle” of protection that the presence of a “Body Guard” will deliver, they are benefiting from a meticulously planned and systematic process which all our SIA licensed operatives are rigorously trained to deliver.

Our CPOs will quickly assess the category of threat to an individual and apply an appropriate level of security designed to cause as little disruption to their normal life style as possible. Our teams have to be expert assimilators- able to establish the kind of rapport with a client and their teams necessary to take full control of any situation should the need arise.

The role of a modern CPO involves a wide range of services from avoiding surveillance through to protecting a client’s image from unwanted media presence or potential public embarrassment. Whether working alone or part of a larger security team, our CPOs are highly skilled in profiling, observation, logistics and communication; the better any situation can be planned, the less likely security is to be compromised.


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