Close Protection Services

  • Expert Close Protection Operatives

  • Customised Security Plans

  • Meticulous Planning

  • Expert Profiling & Observation

  • Discreet & Effective

The Value of Principal Security Consultants for Close Protection

When you choose Principal Security Consultants for Close Protection, you’re not just securing the presence of a “Close Protection Operative”. You’re engaging in a sophisticated and meticulously orchestrated process, which all our SIA-licensed operatives are rigorously trained to deliver.

Skilled SIA-licensed Operatives

Our SIA-licensed Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) excel at rapid threat assessment and the application of precisely calibrated and customised security measures that aim to minimise disruptions to your everyday life.

Keys to Effective Close Protection

Our teams are experts at the art of assimilation, establishing essential rapport and trust with you and your associates, ensuring they can assert complete control in any situation if the need arises.

The Multifaceted Role of Close Protection

The role of a modern CPO encompasses a diverse range of services from avoiding surveillance to protecting a client’s image from unwanted media presence or potential public embarrassment. Whether operating solo or as part of a larger security team, they possess unparalleled proficiency in profiling, observation, logistics, and communication.