Event Security. There’s nothing like the atmosphere at a live event but large crowds can attract security concerns. Our unique approach and highly skilled teams make sure that we are the only ones worrying about safety!


The team ensured the safety of all the cast and crew- no mean feet when you consider this totalled nearly 400 people across two locations! Their expertise allowed us to enjoy the event without any concerns.

Debbie Holmer- Rock Chorus

Our Approach

Irrespective of an event’s nature, size or location, a security presence is now a critical part of any Event Safety Management plan. The key to our success is accountability, ownership and communication. Every member of your specially assembled event team understands exactly what they are responsible for and where they fit into a consistent chain of command.

The team is headed by a dedicated Project Manager who has an overview of every aspect of the security plan. We divide the venue into segments, each with its own Section Supervisor who has total responsibility for their area and everything that happens in it. Our highly experienced Stewards work in close teams headed by line supervisors. Communication flows seamlessly up and down the chain to ensure a dynamic and proactive approach to ensuring safety. Our teams are a highly visible and approachable presence that ensures peace of mind for you and your clients.

Our services:

  • Manned security guarding
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic Management
  • Close Protection
  • Provision of Banksman service
  • Security dogs and handlers*
  • Risk assessment
  • Project Management
  • First aid and fire safety

*Our dog handlers are all SIA licensed, fully insured and vetted to BS7858 standards


Principal Security Consultants Ltd Company Number: 07514054